Our Energy Related Services

Hunt Energy Services works with our clients to understand their business needs. Our strategic energy sourcing assists clients with the purchase of electricity and natural gas from qualified and financially stable suppliers. Our staff has the experience in the energy industry to assess your business needs and provide recommendations for energy sourcing. 

We support Carbon Capture, Storage and usage projects worldwide. 

  • Comprehensive energy usage reports based on historical usage
  • Pricing proposals from multiple suppliers
  • Recommendation for timing of contracting
  • Assistance in the negotiation of contract terms
  • Assurance that the market transactions are executed timely
  • Meter additions and deletions
  • Billing review and assistance in correcting billing errors
  • Work with clients to understand their energy demand and usage
  • Benchmarking energy usage by building and use
  • Recommend methods that can help reduce usage
  • Periodic natural gas and electric price updates

Analytical Approach

Hunt Energy Services combines a structured analytical approach with tools developed over years of experience to recommend the lowest cost option to our clients.  Our follow on services can help clients reduce energy consumption through facility usage analysis and operational analysis.  We recognize that lowering your energy consumption will lower our fee, but we are looking for long term clients, not a one-time visit.

Energy contracts in the deregulated Texas market are complicated and there are as many forms of contract as there are suppliers in the market. Interpretation of supply charges, tariff amounts, multiple tax line items, settlement amounts and transmission and distribution charges is challenging and changes frequently.  Some suppliers in the in deregulated Texas market combine multiple charges into a single line item which leads to potential billing and taxation errors

Importance of Historical Usage Analysis

Understanding historical usage data is an essential part of the pricing process and an indicator of potential savings. If a potential electricity supplier, natural gas suppler or consultant does not analyze your historical usage and share results with you, this should raise a red flag.  Meters that measure usage (kWh) and demand (KW) provide data that define important characteristics of electricity consumption, such as annual usage, annual peak demand, load factor, and power factor. These quantities directly affect contract prices and pass-through charges.  Careful analysis of historical usage can identify less costly ways to purchase and use electricity and ways to reduce regulated pass through charges which can be 30% or more of costs.